Many months ago, in the thick of fundraising for our adoption, I applied to be a fundraising family with MudLOVE. One day in early January, I almost emailed them to stop our upcoming campaign. Through the provision of God and the generosity of others, this adoption was fully funded! I felt the Holy Spirit telling me to pause and a few hours later my husband was laid off.

Although we are THRILLED that Russell started his new job today, we have occurred unexpected costs in updating our home study and filing updated paperwork to US Immigration along the way. In addition, because of our travel delay we will now be in China during the trade fair that happens every April, which will mean higher flight and hotel costs.

Today we are kicking off our MudLOVE campaign to fill in the gaps. 50% of the proceeds from the products we designed will go towards our adoption and every purchase of a MudLOVE product provides clean water for a week for an individual in the Central African Republic.  I own one of these bracelets and they are beautiful!

The link to our fundraising page is:

We are so grateful for the support of so many!

adopt(ed)_band_socialmedia copy

chosen_mug_social meda copyhope_mug_social media copyhope_band copy


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