On Monday of this week our Article 5 paperwork was picked up from the consulate in Guangzhou.  We had officially completed all of the steps and were waiting for China to grant us travel approval.

For some reason the travel approval wait is haaaard.  Even though it is generally short, usually under a week, something about it being the VERY LAST STEP makes it a little excruciating.

Last week we saw a few people get TA after two days.  I was convinced that we would get ours Wednesday.  Our caseworker generally calls early in the morning when there is any kind of news (they are an hour ahead of us), so I started anticipating her call around 7:30am.  By 10:00 I knew that Wednesday wasn’t our day.

So I was CERTAIN that it would be Thursday.  I woke up Thursday morning and kept my phone close.

Again.  No call.

Mentally I resigned myself to Friday.  Friday would be our day.  As long as we didn’t have to wait through the weekend!  I went about my day and headed out for some Spring Break fun with the kids.

Mid-afternoon I missed a call from a number I didn’t recognize, then immediately after that I got a text from our caseworker, Amanda.  She was home with a sick baby boy and had been notified by the office that we had in fact gotten TA that day!

After all of the waiting, the pain of the unknowns, the struggle of watching to see if God would provide, it was all over in an instant.  No more steps.  No more delays.  We are finally fully cleared to bring our son home.

Our agency submitted our choices for our Consulate Appointment, the appointment at the Consulate in Guangzhou the second week of the trip in order to secure Isaiah’s visa.  Last night as we slept we got an email with a confirmed Consulate Appointment, which is the determining factor of when exactly we will travel.

We leave Friday, April 7th and we will meet Isaiah on Monday, April 10th.  Russell will fly home on Easter Sunday and after adventuring in China by ourselves for a few days, on Friday, April 21st Isaiah and I will make our way back to Houston.  Family of six!

We are coming, Isaiah!!


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